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Consensus Building & San Diego County

San Diego County is in a devastating housing crisis.  Supply is drastically behind demand, prices are skyrocketing, and future generations are being priced out of the market before they even know what the market is.

At Community Strategies Group Inc. we think of consensus building for your project as an "insurance policy" for obtaining entitlements and right now San Diego needs housing more than ever. 

Consensus building is the process of creating, developing and maintaining community support for a real estate project within the sphere of influence of the proposed development.  Community Strategies Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in building consensus and public support on behalf of real estate clients.  CSG has helped to generate public consensus for some of San Diego County's most important real estate projects.

Developers and landowners are learning that it is almost impossible to go into a community and build anything without the support of a majority of the community's residents, businesses, and civic leaders.  Developers need to effectively communicate to all segments of their audience and ultimately build support for their projects within those target markets.   Community Strategies Group, Inc. uses a wide variety of proven strategies to identify broad-based support for a project.  Support is then organized and mobilized to help our clients win entitlements in a timely manner.  Through our proven techniques we can find supporters, build their trust, and utilize their to help get improve their community and get our project approved.

Consensus Building & San Diego County